What is gingivitis?
Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease (gum disease). The stage of gingivitis is characterized by gums that are red, swollen, tender, and bleed easily. If not properly treated, gingivitis may develop into a more serious form of gum disease.

What is gum disease?
Periodontal disease is a degenerative condition caused by bacteria in plaque and tartar. The bacteria lead to inflammation and infection in the gum tissues. When left untreated, periodontal disease can cause the gums to recede, leading to tooth loss and bone loss. Common symptoms of gum disease include persistent bad breath, loose teeth, teeth that appear longer due to receding gums, and painful chewing.

What is gum treatment?
Periodontal treatment includes a number of procedures and services designed to stop gum disease and restore the health of your smile. The specific type of periodontal treatment will be decided by your knowledgeable dentists, Dr. Carlton and Dr. Dunlap, after a thorough oral evaluation. Your personalized gum treatment plan may include deep cleanings (scaling and root planing), additional professional cleanings, antibiotic treatment, or an enhanced oral hygiene program at home. If you suffer from the symptoms of gum disease in Chicago, Illinois, we encourage you to contact us today at Essential Dental PC to receive the care you need for a happy, healthy smile.