What is a filling?

A filling is a common type of dental restoration that is most often used to repair a cavity. At Essential Dental PC, we offer white fillings made of composite resin. White fillings are a great option for restoring your smile because they blend in beautifully with the natural color and appearance of your smile. The composite resin material also forms a strong bond with your original tooth structure for a lasting restoration. In addition, white fillings contain no mercury.

Do I need a filling?

Our gentle dentists may recommend a white dental filling in Chicago, Illinois if a tooth suffers from minor to moderate tooth decay or damage. To restore the tooth, Dr. Carlton and Dr. Dunlap will remove the decay from the tooth, carefully clean the tooth, and fill the tooth with composite resin. After shaping the resin to fit your tooth and bite, we harden the filling with a light. The process for placing a white dental filling generally requires just one comfortable visit to our friendly office. We welcome you to call or visit us today to learn more about white fillings and to schedule your next appointment at our office. We are eager to improve your dental health!